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  • All waxing, shaving, sugaring, manicure and pedicure services MUST be done 24 hours before your airbrush tan appointment.

  • Shower and exfoliate body brush and/or exfoliating mitt the day prior to your appointment. It is imperative to remove product buildup, body oils and dead skin cells in order to allow the product to fully penetrate. Your tan will not develop 100% if any barriers are on the skin. Your tan will not develop evenly if you do not properly exfoliate.

  • Please avoid any bar soaps, Dove, Olay and Pantene products before and after tanning. 

  • Please DO NOT SHOWER RIGHT BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT as the heat/steam will open your pores and can adversely affect the tan by not allowing total absorption of the tanning solution. If you must shower the day of your tan, shower only with cool water and avoid using any soap, shaving cream or exfoliant products.

  • If you use retinol, BHA or AHA acids in your skin care regimen, stop using them at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Please do not shave the day of your tan as the razor may cause your skin to be uneven and the moisture strip to leave a barrier on your skin.

  • Under no circumstance can you receive an airbrush tan if you have had a sunburn within two weeks of your scheduled appointment.

  • Please be fully prepared at the time of your appointment: Hair up, jewelry off, makeup removed, etc.

  • Please secure all dogs prior to your appointment time.

  • Wear dark and loose fitting clothing and loose flip-flops. No jeans, tight fitting clothes, sports bras, socks or running shoes until after your first rinse.

  • Rainy day? Make sure to wear a jacket with a hood, loose pants, an umbrella and shoes that cover your feet but aren’t tight.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO sweating, getting wet, bathing, washing hands, swimming or exercising for 12 hours.

  • Rinse at your given rinse time using warm water and no soap.

  • The cosmetic bronzer will wash off in the shower

  • DO NOT EXCESSIVELY TOUCH YOUR SKIN BEFORE YOUR RINSE. Dha transfers on skin to skin contact and will cause your palms to darken.

  • If there is streaking after your rinse, its because all of your cosmetic bronzer was not removed. Rinse again using your hands to shift the bronzer off.

  • Use approved moisturizer on your skin twice daily to maintain your color and fade evenly.

  • Pat dry to avoid unnecessary friction

  • Keep watches off while tan develops

  • Avoid manually exfoliating your skin.

  • Avoid bar soaps, alcohol based products, toners, astringents, acne cleansers/ products, AHAs, BHAs, and Retin-A

  • If you're sleeping in the solution, it is recommended that you sleep in clothes that cover the entirety of your body. DHA will transfer on skin to skin contact meaning if you or someone else touch your skin while the solution is developing, hands will turn orange. DO NOT over touch your skin or rest your hands on your skin prior to your first rinse,

  • Please follow the recommended wait times before your first rinse. Your tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours.

  • 24 hours after your appointment ,you can begin using a body wash that does not contain sulfates, mineral oil or petroleum-avoid bar soaps, Dove, Dial, Olay, etc. Using products that are not pH balanced could result in a lighter tan that does not last (acidic skin) or a tan that turns orange (alkaline skin).  If you need assistance in selected products, There She Glows offers pH balanced products made specifically for spray tans.  

  • Use a sharp, clean razor when shaving. We recommend using hair conditioner in place of shaving cream.

  • Avoid long hot showers, baths and hot tubs.

  • MOISTURIZE TWICE DAILY.This will slow down your skin’s natural cell turnover and will ensure an even, flawless fade. There she Glows moisturizers, body butters and tan extenders are highly recommended to ensure best results. Coconut oil and jojoba oil are also highly recommended.

  • You must wear sunscreen when outdoors. Avoid Spray Sunscreens with mineral oil. 

  • Chlorine will affect your tan. Please wear a waterproof sunscreen to create a barrier if chlorine can't be avoided.

  • Airbrush tans can last anywhere from 7-10 days depending on your skin type and how diligently you follow the Post Tan Care recommendations.

  • If you are developing overnight, please wear long sleeves and pants to avoid dha transferring to your hands.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact There She Glows.

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